Immersive media allow us to reach selected audiences much more effectively. Right before our eyes, virtual and augmented reality change education by engaging and intriguing students much more than ever. By using this technology, we want to inspire users to act and to protect the nature.


Smog, overproduction, environmental degradation – neither of us wants it, and yet, we consciously contribute to these problems every day. Trash Rage is an educational virtual reality game in which our task is to save the polluted, post-apocalyptic Earth by collecting and properly segregating all waste fractions. For this purpose, we will need a futuristic exoskeleton, with which we will defeat the evil robots that rule the planet.


Planet Stories AR is a mobile game that combines entertainment with educational values. Our augmented reality application is a continuation of the story presented in the acclaimed Trash Rage VR game. Unlike the first part, however, the second chapter focuses on the issue of ocean pollution and bycatch, which we – as players and citizens – need to reduce.

Bash VR

Heat Bash is an immersive virtual reality game strictly related to the subject of anthropogenic global warming with an awareness building narrative of the human impact on climate change. The world full of greed and the will to degrade the environment in the name of profit becomes a circus in our game, ruled by clown businessmen. They are passionate about consuming fossil fuels and generating energy at the expense of producing CO2 . The player takes on the role of a character who accidentally ends up in this circus power plant powered by fossil fuels. Using VR technology, we are building a full-size arena, where the player has to use a hammer to plug the pipes from which dangerous carbon dioxide is escaping.