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On March 19, 2022, on the occasion of the Water Day celebrations in Hydropolis in Wrocław, we invited visitors – whole families, both children and adults – to interactively play and learn about the importance of the problem of ocean pollution with plastic. We organized lectures, VR shows and gave the opportunity to try our free AR mobile application in the unique space of the museum.

Planet Stories AR shows you how to improve our daily habits for the benefit of the oceans. With gameplay that allows us to jump straight into the depths of water, we can learn how to make key changes to waste management right away! Wiktor the turtle – a guide in the ocean world helps users to learn about good substitutes for plastic disposables! This is our contribution to the topic of environmental education.


New relationships, seeing young and resilient activists in action. In addition, hundreds of people who visited Hala Cracovia in search of knowledge about environmental protection and climate change. This is what the Carbon Footprint Summit 2021 looked like in a nutshell, where we appeared as exhibitors and speakers.

We are pleased with the huge interest in our ecological Trash rage VR application. We saw that people who participated in the VR tournament could better understand the need for responsible waste management and see the benefits of such positive action. In addition, we are pleased with the Carbon Footprint Summit Award granted to our team for Transparent CSR, about which we shared more during our performance on the main stage. What’s more? New interviews collected for the podcast “Balanced” and catching a perspective on climate-oriented events. It was a great pleasure, many hours spent among amazing people. There is no end to inspiration.